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FIFA 15 Pro Evolution Soccer 2015 NBA 2K15 Pure Pool
Best Sports

Combining two of the worlds leading entertainments, video games and sports, is as genius as it is obvious, but with critical eyes from both sets of fans watching carefully it means that only the best reach the Best Sports nominees.

Digitally recreating the technical subtlety and high impact involved in today’s top sports, these are the titles that bring the world of sport to our living rooms.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2015
The footballing giant of yesteryear returns bigger and better than ever before, standing toe to toe with FIFA 15 and delivering one of the standout sporting experiences of the year. You’re chosen team might be languishing in the league in reality, but boot up a game of PES 2015 and all is swiftly forgotten, delivering an authentic experience that contains all the thrills and spills of a real-life kickabout.
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NBA 2K15
The standout basketball experience of 2015, NBA 2K15 stands head and shoulders above the rest, delivering an alley-oop to its competitors and providing one of the most authentic TV-style representations of the sport we’ve yet seen. Taking the much-loved template of last year’s edition and making it bigger and better, fans of shooting hoops can do little wrong in picking up this sporting beast.
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