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7 Days To Die
7 Days To Die
  • Best Survival
  • Best Early Access
7 Days To Die
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Best Survival
7 Days To Die
Billed as the survival game that fans have always wanted, 7 Days to Die is a rapidly changing survival experience that has you and your buddies teaming to fend off the zombie hordes at all cost. A deep crafting system and upgradeable forts demonstrate a game with real depth, and the constant updates from developer The Fun Pimps proves an ever-present reason to dive back in.
Also nominated: Rust, The Forest, DayZ Standalone
Best Early Access
7 Days To Die
7 Days to Die might not have made the biggest splash since its arrival late last year, but in the months since then development studio The Fun Pimps has been adding additional content at a rate of knots. It’s enough to put titles like DayZ to shame, but this sandbox survival simulator has added randomly generated worlds, forging systems, a snow area, new weapons, and graphical boosts in just a few short months, making 7 Days to Die one to keep an eye out for.



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