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League of Legends
League of Legends
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League of Legends
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Best Free To Play
League of Legends
Often quoted as the game that helped drag PC gaming into the mainstream, League of Legends has a phenomenal number of players. Its status as the most popular PC title in the world means it has to be nominated in our best Free 2 Play category in spite of its relative age; it continues to draw in new players and add new content all the time. LoL’s enduring popularity is testament to depth and breadth of gameplay on offer here, which can takes years and years to truly master.
League of Legends
Five years on from its release and League of Legends still has its grips stuck in legions of fans, and who can blame them? It’s clearly not just us that have sat down for a quick game of League of Legends before emerging eight hours later in an idiotic stupor, eyes glazed, muttering strange incantations, yet loving every second of it.
Also nominated: Infinite Crisis, Smite, DOTA 2



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