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Shovel Knight
Shovel Knight
  • Best Indie
  • Best Platformer
Shovel Knight
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Best Indie
Shovel Knight
A classic platformer from indie dev Yacht Club Games, Shovel Knight perfectly captures the atmosphere of a classic NES platformer whilst managing to remain feeling fresh and innovative. Shovel Knight plays excellently and offers a pretty hefty experience that perfectly encapsulates the feeling of games from a bygone era.
Best Platformer
Shovel Knight
It seems you can’t turn a corner in the games industry without meeting someone trying to make a NES-inspired retro platformer. That being said, when it’s really done right there’s nothing quite like it, and boy does Shovel Knight do it right. The best fusion has to offer, Shovel Knight combines old-school graphics and sound with modern and innovative game design. An indie masterpiece.



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