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The Banner Saga
The Banner Saga
  • Best Indie
  • Best Audio
The Banner Saga
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Best Indie
The Banner Saga
Lavishly illustrated with amazing music courtesy of Austin Wintory, there’s not much The Banner Saga didn’t offer us. Compelling narrative went hand in hand with real - and sometimes devastating - moral choice, whilst the title’s challenging combat had something to offer even the most experienced turn-based RPG fans.
Best Audio
The Banner Saga
Austin Wintory did the team at Stoic games proud with The Banner Saga’s truly monumental soundtrack. There are few times in life where you’ll feel more a bearded viking then this tuneful masterpiece. Steeped in viking lore and historical authenticity, it’s hard to think of a better match for Stoic’s strategic hit. Here’s hoping the rest of the Banner Saga trilogy hits these heady heights.



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