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Wolfenstein: The New Order
Wolfenstein: The New Order
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Wolfenstein: The New Order
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Game of The Year
Wolfenstein: The New Order
The Wolfenstein series has always occupied a special place in our hearts here at GD towers and, following 2009’s disappointing Wolfenstein, MachineGames has taken the reins for this rip roaring sequel. As schlocky and pulpy as it’s possible to get, Wolfenstein: The New Order is the complete single-player shooter package, offering up a lengthy and varied campaign with a surprisingly affecting story.
Best Shooter
Wolfenstein: The New Order
Over the top, irreverent, slightly bonkers, it could only be Wolfenstein: The New Order. The game’s intense and varied combat breathed fresh life into the franchise, alongside an excellent and bizarre narrative that would make Tarantino proud. An ode to shooters of yesteryear, it delivered one of the standout single-player campaigns we’ve ever seen, while the lack of multiplayer proved that focusing exclusively on a single experience can produce stronger results.
Best Story
Wolfenstein: The New Order
No, we couldn’t believe it either. Coming out of left field and surprising us, Wolfenstein: The New Order backed up an excellent FPS campaign with a solid story, featuring a tremendous narrative and a number of likeable and believable characters. Wolfenstein: The New Order might bill itself as being as pulpy as they come, but in truth Machine Games has delivered a compelling tale all too rare in modern shooters.



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