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Best Co-op

As a wise man once said, two heads are better than one, and that’s never been more appropriate than in the world of co-operative gaming. Whether you’re saving the planet or just having a race, getting another player involved is always instantly more fun. Co-op gaming has a strong place in many gamers’ hearts and as online gaming becomes easier, this Award category helps us find the gems that let us play and share our gaming experiences with our friends.

Dying Light
Drop in / drop out co-op at its finest, this elevated Dying Light from standard open-word adventure to raucous gang-fight. There’s nothing quite like taking to the streets of Harran with three mates, ready to cause some carnage. Once terrifying foes become easy beatdowns as the chaos is multiplied fourfold. Be prepared for bizarre moments of introspection as you deliver a group kicking to a floor bound foe though; Dying Light is brutally fun.
Sword Coast Legends
At long last someone has successfully emulated Dungeons & Dragons tabletop play into a game. Not only does Sword Coast Legends deliver a fine single-player campaign but it’s also one of the first games to genuinely feature role-playing. And we don’t just mean levelling up and tactical combat, but honest to goodness DMing and dynamic gameplay that leads to unique adventures no other party will experience.
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