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Best Developer

It’s often the publishers that take the lime-light during game launches, after all they’re usually the driving force behind its marketing. But with the Best Developer Award we want to draw the attention back onto those who put the hours into making some truly special experiences for us - whether they be tiny, stunning indie offerings or vast, time-sucking online multiplayer games.

CD Projekt RED
If you want a lesson in how to worm your way into the hearts of gamers across the globe, CD Projekt is it. The launch of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt wasn’t perfect, but regular updates, excellent communication and free DLC all helped sweeten the deal. It helped as well that they created one of the greatest RPGs in years but make no mistake, this was CD Projekt's year
FROM Software
It’s been a huge year for FROM Software. Not content with launching PlayStation 4 exclusive Bloodborne, the Japanese outfit also pushed out Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin and revealed Dark Souls III, which is set to arrive early next year. Not bad for a year’s work, eh? Suffice to say, Souls fans have, and will have, plenty to chew on from one of the most in-form developers on the planet.
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