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Best Early Access

Early Access is a harsh environment, where games are sent out into the wild, often in extremely early states, ready to be ravaged by the gaming masses.

This award celebrates the cream of the crop, the bravest of the brave, those Early Access titles which are showing incredible levels of promise even at this early stage. Not only does Early Access offer developers to the chance to seek additional funding, but it also gives gamers the chance to get in on a project from the ground floor, perhaps even influencing key decisions and shaping the final product.

ARK: Survival Evolved
An Early Access blockbuster, ARK: Survival Evolved has been one of the standout success stories of 2015. Consistent large-scale updates and constant feedback from Studio Wildcard ensures the Ark: Survival Evolved community has plenty to keep busy with in this sci-fi/prehistoric survival sim. Channeling that same sense of wonder the original Jurassic Park did all those years ago, this is a game that shows immense promise.
Angels Fall First
Everything you ever wanted Star Wars Battlefront to be, Angels Fall First is about as grand an Early Access title as it’s conceivable to get. Designed for large-scale warfare in both single and multiplayer, Angels Fall First lets players command battles from the bridge of a spaceship, all the way down to being a individual unit on a planetary surface. With a wide selection of vehicles, stacks of weapons and insane about of possibilities, this is definitely one keep an eye out for.
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Targeting the fun receptors like few others, CryptArk is an insanely addictive and hair-pulling difficult take on rogue-likes. Tasked with piloting a ship ever deeper into a procedurally generated dungeon, players must gather resources and gradually gain unlocks in an effort to take on ever tougher foes. A mighty fine gameplay loop makes CryptArk difficult to put down, and it’s only going to get better throughout its Early Access run.
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