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The rise of the sleeping indie beast is continuing unabated, and here we celebrate some of the most creative and forward-thinking talent around, embracing new mechanics, while revitalising the old. These are games developed with a fraction of the budget of the AAA monsters, but are no less enjoyable for it. The indie devs behind them craft personable, unique games that showcase some of the greatest underground talent in the world today.

Indie devs often work their magic under considerable pressure, sometimes holding down full time jobs while ploughing any of their precious time into their own projects. The best of those projects become commercial successes and the best of those are given pride of place in our Best Indie Award category.

The phrase ‘like Dark Souls’ is thrown around with a little too much abandon these days, but in Jotun that’s precisely the case. This punishing and gorgeous top-down action game is inspired by Norse mythology. Jotun has players taking on a role of Thora, a Viking warrior who must battle against impossible odds to impress the Gods and enter Valhalla.
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Set in a 100-floor hotel building after devastating events of World War III, Skyhill is a roguelike adventure boiled down to its very purest elements. Fighting your way from the penthouse all the way down to the first floor takes plenty of grit and determination, but well thought out use of the crafting and scavenging systems can turn the odds in your favour.
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Axiom Verge
Metroidvania-style games are two-a-penny nowadays, but Axiom Verge is impressive enough to stand out from a bustling crowd. Solo developer Thomas Happ might have borrowed heavily from Nintendo’s original Metroid titles, but he’s added enough twists and genre subversions to make Axiom Verge its own beast. Couple this with its incredible pixel art and it’s difficult not to be impressed.
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Westerado: Double Barreled
What’s not to love about a Wild west take on The Legend of Zelda. Out for revenge for the murder of your family, Westerado: Double Barrelled is an action-packed, often humourous caper through the deserts and mountains of the Wild West. With no sign of Red Dead Redemption of PC anytime soon, Westerado: Double Barrelled is a fine substitute.
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We’ve had years to wait since Mike Bithell pushed out Thomas Was Alone, but the Metal Gear Solid-inspired Volume was worth the wait. The iconic stealth series gameplay has been boiled down to its purest form for Volume, drawing on the Robin Hood legend to deliver a top-down, level-based sneak-em-up. If the 100 level campaign was enough, a feature-packed level editor has also given Volume limitless potential.
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