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Suppliers and builders have been known to cut every corner they can to put together a perfect beast for a perfect price. This category is the culmination of these deals, where full PC builds enable the modern PC gamer to play the most demanding games at the highest quality for the best price. Here we focus on US based custom build businesses that get the right gaming rig into the hands of the gamer for the right price.

Origin PC
One of the most well known custom PC builders operating in the States, Origin PC has come a long way since its inception in 2009. Founded by a number of ex-Alienware employees, Origin PC specialises in high performance gaming and professional desktop setups. Some of the most inventive custom builds around can be found on Origin PC, who can cater for a range of PC gaming needs.
If you want a extreme gaming build, then MainGear is your go-to stop. Taking influence from tuning and modding cars, their builds are all about top performance and great looking rigs. The Rolls Royce of the custom build world, with MainGear the sky is the limiting, including hefty triple-GPU setups and customisable exteriors.
Puget Systems
Custom computer builder Puget Systems are all about delivering the best in high-end performance computing. Whether picking up desktop or laptop, all of their systems are built to order and with fully customisable components. Puget Systems work with the customers to find the right built to suit their gaming needs, rather than bombarding them unnecessary or over-priced components.
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