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Fallout 4 Soma Anno 2205 Galactic Civilizations III
Best Sci-Fi

In space, no one can hear you vote. Don’t let that stop you though, as these games are the latest and greatest in interstellar travel and all things fantastically futuristic. The nominees considered, will push the boundaries of reality, offering us the chance to embrace incredible wonders from the comfort of our own homes.

Boldly they explore the dark frontier of space and push our imaginations to the limits. This genre is one of the most difficult to get right, as the creators of the title have to maintain believability, while still wowing us with stuff that could happen but hasn't.

Fallout 4
Where would a list of the finest sci-fi games this year be without the insanely great Fallout 4. Bethesda has done it all again with their fantastic world building, and the shift away from typical dreary post-apocalyptic tropes makes Fallout 4’s wasteland one of the most appealing places to explore yet in Bethesda’s history of RPGs. Everything about Fallout 4 oozes grand scale, and poking around every corner of this strange world is going to occupy us for months to come.
Galactic Civilizations III
If Sid Meier’s Starships wasn’t the spacefaring 4X game you’d hoped for, you didn’t have long to wait for Galactic Civilizations III to rock up and blow your socks off. Taking its predecessor as a blueprint, it built on it in every conceivable way, delivering a strategy game with immense depth and a wallet-happy surplus of replayability.
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