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The Witcher III Life Is Strange - Episode 1 Game of Thrones: Iron From Ice Her Story
Best Story

Throw away Dickens. Set alight your copy of Tolstoy. Wuthering Heights meet paper shredder. You have no need for these intellectual curios with gaming’s huge advances in storytelling and character development.

These are the cream of the crop, the Booker prize for our new interactive age. All of the nominees give us a riveting yarn that had us hooked from the very first page screen, with stories that will live long in our memory. Intriguing plot devices, exceptional character dialogue, twists and turns that all come together to deliver a real contender for the Best Story Award.

The Witcher III
For a game as huge and all encompassing as The Witcher 3, it’s surprising just how consistently it maintains the quality of its narrative. Sprawling side quests can stretch off into grander adventures than most entire games achieve, and all of these threads arcs round to a satisfying conclusion. Where The Witcher 3 stands head and shoulders above the rest, however, is in that Bloody Baron quest line, which is simultaneously epic and a microcosm of a family drama.
Very Hot
Game of Thrones: Iron From Ice
Miserable, oppressive and desperate scrabbling for a shred of hope. That’s Game of Thrones ladies and gents, but it’s a formula we all love! Having cut their teeth on The Walking Dead, Telltale took on one of the biggest entertainment products today with Game of Thrones, delivering a slow-burning adventure set between seasons 3 and 4 of the TV show. Look no further if you want to be racked with guilt of an evening.
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