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Game Of The Year 2015

Only the best of the best are nominated for the prestigious Game or The Year title, and there can be only one. We are all looking for that one supreme game that brought us to our knees over the past 12 months. Maybe it was the most beautiful experience ever, or perhaps its story was so imaginative that you couldn’t help but be whisked away to its pixelated shores. Nominees are usually highly competent in every facet that makes a title brilliant and all of them are video game titans that stand above the rest. These titles reach the lofty heights where the ‘Half-Lifes’ and the ‘Elder Scrolls’ of gaming history dwell. They push the industry forward, innovating with rich new features and exceptional gameplay, all the while perfecting mechanics that will set the template for every other title to aspire to.

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Cities: Skylines
Spotting a vacuum left by 2013’s failed SimCity outing, Paradox and Colossal Order teamed up for the daddy of all city management games. Dangerously addictive, utterly compelling, and immensely replayable, Cities: Skylines is a dream come true for everyone from aspiring town planners to ardent armchair strategists. Colossal Order deserve a tip of the hat alone for making traffic management fun.
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Pillars of Eternity
Hopes were high for Pillars of Eternity, a Kickstarter-funded homage to Infinity Engine RPGs. What many didn’t expect, however, was for Pillars of Eternity to gazump Baldur’s Gate itself. Fresh from South Park success, Obsidian once more effortlessly blew the RPG gaming world away with a deep, sprawling adventure that was simultaneously nostalgic and fresh.
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