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Best Original Game
There was never any doubt that From Software would deliver all over again with Bloodborne. Stepping slightly away from the Dark Souls formula, Bloodborne was a faster-paced, Gothic-soaked slice of action horror with breathtaking boss fights and one of the most tightly woven, captivating game worlds we have laid eyes upon. Cthulhu would be proud.
Game Of The Year 2015
Few games are as brutal and terrifying as From Software’s Bloodborne, but it’s taken its Souls lineage and applied it to a terrific Gothic adventure. Dripping in atmosphere and loaded with some of the best monster designs in history, Bloodborne is a epitome of hard-as-nails action. The lack of shields adds a renewed sense of pace to From’s game, relying on perfect timing and always being on the offensive, lifting the frenetic action to another level. One of the first definitive reasons to own a PlayStation 4.