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CD Projekt RED
CD Projekt RED
  • Best Developer
  • Best Publisher
CD Projekt RED
Best Developer
CD Projekt RED
If you want a lesson in how to worm your way into the hearts of gamers across the globe, CD Projekt is it. The launch of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt wasn’t perfect, but regular updates, excellent communication and free DLC all helped sweeten the deal. It helped as well that they created one of the greatest RPGs in years but make no mistake, this was CD Projekt's year
Best Publisher
CD Projekt RED
CD Projekt RED won over the hearts and minds of gamers this year. I was going to say with ease but it was anything but the case - they toiled, fought for consumers, gave us incredible value for money, and also made its GOG storefront a genuine force with its new Galaxy client. In The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt it brought us one of the games of the year, as well as a massive expansion pack and 8 weeks of free DLC. It’s difficult not to be impressed by how they’ve established themselves.



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