Global Game Awards
Cities: Skylines
Cities: Skylines
  • Best Management
  • Game Of The Year 2015
Cities: Skylines
Best Management
Cities: Skylines
EA dropped the ball with SimCity, so Paradox and Colossal Order came along and capitalised impeccably. Cities: Skylines might not be entirely without fault, but it’s certainly one of, if not the best city builder of all time. Every minute detail of your bustling metropolises can be tweaked, twanged and fiddled with engaging and logical consequences. The post-launch support continues to be incredible, and Cities: Skylines continues to be a city-builder built for the long-term player.
Game Of The Year 2015
Cities: Skylines
Spotting a vacuum left by 2013’s failed SimCity outing, Paradox and Colossal Order teamed up for the daddy of all city management games. Dangerously addictive, utterly compelling, and immensely replayable, Cities: Skylines is a dream come true for everyone from aspiring town planners to ardent armchair strategists. Colossal Order deserve a tip of the hat alone for making traffic management fun.




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