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Her Story
Her Story
  • Best Indie
  • Best Story
Her Story
Best Indie
Her Story
Who would have thought we’d be say here in 2015, pondering the return of FMV games. It’s a genre that was never particularly good in the first place, but Sam Barlow upended expectations with an incredibly unique take on adventure games. The premise was simple - a woman has been interviewed several times by the police. You are just searching for keywords in the police database to pluck out one of hundreds of FMV clips which steadily reveal the truth.
Best Story
Her Story
If you were looking for any semblance of a clear cut conclusion then Her Story would have left you wanting, but that was precisely its appeal. With the order of the story totally in the player’s hands, the ‘conclusion’ could have been the first part you see or the last. With timestamps you’re only clue to the real timeline of events, Her Story is disjoined in all the right ways, as you full of fragments of this stranger’s story and attempt to discern the truth in your own mind. Every interpretation can be different, and that’s a huge part of what makes Her Story so special.