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Rocket League
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Rocket League
  • Best Indie
  • Best Multiplayer
Rocket League
Best Indie
Rocket League
Where would the Best Indie award be without the smash hit Rocket League. This Battle Cars sequel rose to meteoric success out of nowhere, capitalising on the summer lull to great effect. Within a matter of days lunch breaks across the globe were filled with Great Shot!, Whoops... and $#@%!. There’s something so immediate about Rocket League that it’s hooked millions into its easy to learn, hard to master gameplay, and there are few games out there that have had us rolling around in laughter quite so much.
Best Multiplayer
Rocket League
No one saw it coming, but Rocket League burst onto the scene this summer and left a burning trail of glory, jaw-dropping own goals and wizard hats. Car football seems like such a simple premise but in the right hands at Psyonix it became one of the ultimate pick up and play games of our time. Where Rocket League excels is in its high skill ceiling. It’s easy to play but stupendously difficult to master. Just watch a few goal compilations on YouTube if you don’t believe us.