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Until Dawn
Until Dawn
  • Best Horror Game
  • Best Original Game
Until Dawn
Best Horror Game
Until Dawn
Choice and consequence is nothing new, but Supermassive Games achieved it with such aplomb with Until Dawn. With the simple, schlocky premise of teenagers heading to a cabin in the woods, Until Dawn built on this with knowledge that all eight main characters could live or die based on the players actions. Knowing one mistake would mean the irreversible death of a character added a very special kind of tension few horror games manage.
Also nominated: Stasis, Dying Light, Soma
Best Original Game
Until Dawn
No discredit meant to the supremely talented folks at Supermassive Games, but this had disaster written all over it. Beginning life as a PS3-compatible Move title, it disappeared from public view before resurfacing as this incredible slasher horror adventure game. Despite treading familiar ground in theme and gameplay. Until Dawn felt like one of the most unique gaming experiences of the year. Along with Bloodborne, this is one of the biggest reasons to own a PlayStation 4.