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Game Of The Year 2016

Only the best of the best are nominated for the prestigious Game or The Year title, and there can be only one. We are all looking for that one supreme game that brought us to our knees over the past 12 months. Maybe it was the most beautiful experience ever, or perhaps its story was so imaginative that you couldn’t help but be whisked away to its pixelated shores. Nominees are usually highly competent in every facet that makes a title brilliant and all of them are video game titans that stand above the rest. These titles reach the lofty heights where the ‘Half-Lifes’ and the ‘Elder Scrolls’ of gaming history dwell. They push the industry forward, innovating with rich new features and exceptional gameplay, all the while perfecting mechanics that will set the template for every other title to aspire to.

Civilization VI
Firaxis, the kings of one more turn, have come along and swept every millisecond of free time we have with the sublime Civilization VI. It’s only been out a few weeks but we suspect the total amount of man hours spent playing this would probably have been enough to rebuild the actual seven wonders of the world. If there were room for an eight wonder, Civilization VI is surely it.
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Very Hot
Titanfall 2
Another latecomer, Titanfall 2 has come along and righted all the wrongs of its predecessor. An incredible new single-player campaign is paired with some of the tightest shooting mechanics and multiplayer design around. Play Titanfall 2 and anything afterwards just feels clunky and dull.
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