Global Game Awards
Civilization VI
Civilization VI
  • Best Strategy
  • Best PC Exclusive
  • Game Of The Year 2016
Civilization VI
Best Strategy
Civilization VI
Being part of a game series as influential as Civilisation definitely puts a lot of weight on your shoulders, but as the front cover of Civ VI shows, it had no trouble taking that burden. Revitalising the systems of Civilisation V, an already amazing game, in order to give more depth and enjoyable gameplay, Civ VI has to be one of the best strategy games this year, or even decade.
Best PC Exclusive
Civilization VI
Civilisation VI is yet another pillar of PC gaming which it’s fantastic to see make a successful return. A title that is just asking to be played on PC, Civilization VI is the definitive Civ games, ironing out the kinks from previous titles. Suddenly millions across the globe were turning up to work bleary eyed and more than a bit grumpy, suffering from a serious case of just-one-more-go syndrome.
Game Of The Year 2016
Civilization VI
Firaxis, the kings of one more turn, have come along and swept every millisecond of free time we have with the sublime Civilization VI. It’s only been out a few weeks but we suspect the total amount of man hours spent playing this would probably have been enough to rebuild the actual seven wonders of the world. If there were room for an eight wonder, Civilization VI is surely it.