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Darkest Dungeon
Darkest Dungeon
  • Best Indie
  • Best RPG
Darkest Dungeon
Best Indie
Darkest Dungeon
As punishing as it is enthralling, Darkest Dungeon gives a revitalised take on a rogue-like turn-based RPG and is one of the best RPG experiences we’ve had in a long, long time. Dark and full of foreboding, with a gritty and broody art style that highlights the feelings of hopelessness that this game inevitably makes you feel. Darkest Dungeon is sure to be seen as iconic in the years ahead and we truly enjoyed every moment of it.
Best RPG
Darkest Dungeon
One of the most atmospheric RPGs in a long time, and not afraid to stab you in the back like a skulking rogue, Darkest Dungeon is full of character, emotion, excitement, fear and foreboding alongside an exemplary combat system full of depth and genuine skill requirement, we’ve sunk more hours into this title than we’d care to share.