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Doom 4
Doom 4
  • Best Shooter
  • Best Audio
  • Best Visuals
  • Game Of The Year 2016
Doom 4
Best Shooter
Doom 4
They said it couldn’t be done. That DOOM was a relic of the past. From the thudding industrial metal soundtrack to the pulsing rhythm of its brutal arena shootouts, DOOM is the ultimate re-envisioning of the classic franchise. Intense, gloriously violent and sublimely slick, DOOM offers arguably the greatest shooting mechanics of all time, wrapped up in a firmly tongue-in-cheek storyline.
Also nominated: Titanfall 2, Overwatch, Battlefield 1
Best Audio
Doom 4
Hardcore metal, bloodcurdling screaming demons and gut busting sound effects. Need we say more?
Also nominated: Battlefield 1, No Mans Sky, Virginia
Best Visuals
Doom 4
Never before were we able to see so clearly what it would be like to rip a demons tusk off and jam it into his own face, or rip the scalp off of any passing demon that took our fancy, Doom has given us what we all crave in a truly scrumptious bloodbath, God bless you Id Software.
Game Of The Year 2016
Doom 4
Putting to rest the worries that many had about the beloved Doom series being sullied by its transformation into a modern triple A gaming title, Bethesda have done us proud with the goliath that is the new Doom. Keeping the right old school aspects like key searching and no reloads, while updating with new features such as double jumping (woah), this rebirth has cemented Doom in many people’s zombie demon crushing hearts and we’re no different.