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The Witness
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The Witness
  • Best Adventure
  • Best Indie
  • Best Open World
  • Best Original Game
The Witness
Best Adventure
The Witness
It’s been a long time since the Myst series’ reign, but the Witness proved that gamers still yearn for an immersive, thought provoking adventure. The game is centred around solving line based puzzles which increase in complexity as the game progresses. Critically acclaimed and adored by players, The Witness offers over 650 puzzles across an overarching story line that will keep you coming back for more until you become one with the mazes, much like a certain Mr. Torrance.
Best Indie
The Witness
A breathtaking jump back into the often undisturbed pool of 3D adventure puzzle games. The Witness is as gorgeous as much as it is mind bending. You are transported to a beautifully crafted, cel shaded island of tranquillity. Alone, you are presented with collections of puzzles that will challenge without frustrating, all the while accompanied with background sounds that The Little Book of Calm would be jealous of. The perfect game to just sit back, relax and lose yourself in, The Witness is definitely in our top indie games this year.
Best Original Game
The Witness
The Witness brought back to the table an almost extinct genre this year to raving success. The challenging puzzles and sequential ramp up in difficulty was simultaneously like nothing we’d seen before and yet so Jonathan Blow. With the gorgeous 2016 cell shaded graphics akin to Firewatch, we were truly lost in this paradisiac experience. The Witness is a 3D adventure puzzler like no other.