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Best Gaming Hardware Manufacturer
This award is one of the most sought-after accolades in the gaming hardware industry. You can't fake technological advancement and you can't feign exceptional standards, they either deliver the gaming goods or they disappear trying. This highly competitive technology market is where the gaming consumer gets the last vote and we are one of the most selective and vocal communities across the net.>
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ASUS continues to prove itself in just about aspect of PC gaming. It’s no wonder their hardware is up for several awards this year. ASUS has got its finger in just about every pie, whether you’re after a gaming laptop, the latest graphics card, or an extravagant 4K display.
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It would be fair to say Intel has been taking a breather these last few years. AMD CPUs were on life support, leaving Intel to just go through the motions. Once AMD brought the firepower with Ryzen though, Intel immediately stepped up its game. The 8th Gen CPUs are nothing less than fantastic, highlighted by the arrival of incredibly affordable 6-core processors, making hexa-core mainstream at last.
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