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Resident Evil 7 The Evil Within 2 Outlast 2 Little Nightmares
Best Horror Game
You’ve sat through five Paranormal Activities and barely batted an eyelid and you watched Saw for breakfast while chowing down on your cornflakes, but these games came along and the living daylights are now scared from your very being. The best horror game teeters on the brink between intense and unplayable, waiting to push you into the abyss, challenging your sanity and testing your metal. Only the hardiest of gamers can play any of these alone, with the lights turned out and an immersive headset on.
Outlast 2
Outlast was relentless, and Outlast 2 picked up in much the same fashion. Powerless, stranded and surrounded by pitch darkness, Outlast 2 hands the player just a single tool for survival - run and hide. The feeling of having someone or something right behind you in Outlast 2 is executed to a terrifying degree, resulting on one of the scariest games we’ve ever played.
Little Nightmares
Despite the overtly horror-themed name, Little Nightmares wasn’t a title we expected to get our horror kicks from. Tarsier’s second game in these awards (after Statik), Little Nightmares is platforming hide and seek, set in a clanking ship full of twisted butchers, stretched arms and beautiful yet horrific dioramas.
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