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Nintendo Switch Divinity: Original Sin 2's GM Mode The Sexy Brutale Echo
Best Innovators
This award is looking at games and hardware in our industry that break the ways of old apart and bring us an innovative change to what we're used to. Not content to follow the reliable formula, sometimes something can really shine through because it tries something different. It might not be perfect this time around, but this award heralds the attempts as much as the successes. Without innovation, the industry would become boring fast and we must pat on the back all of those who try.
Nintendo Switch
We’re used to seeing Nintendo branded both mad and ingenious, yet we didn’t even know what to think when the Nintendo Switch was originally unveiled back in January. Despite the concept being rumoured for the best part of the year, and actually seeing it in use, it was difficult to grasp whether Nintendo could make an impact on the gaming market, or whether it would be another Wii U. Ultimately, the blending of home and portable consoles has proven a ridiculously smart move, the Nintendo Switch becoming an impressively versatile choice that can be played on the TV, in bed, on the train, wherever. It’s a powerful USP that’s helped Nintendo get back on the front foot.
The Sexy Brutale
The indie scene is an incredible breathing ground for fresh ideas, and The Sexy Brutale really is a shining example of this. Like all the best ideas, it’s delightfully simple - a murder mystery at a masked ball that runs like clockwork. The day’s events can be rewound and restarted again and again, with the aim being to prevent a series of murders through your prior knowledge gained.
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At a time where advances in in-game AI seems to have stood still for far too long, Echo takes a different approach. The AI learns from the player’s actions upon each death, requiring ever more ingenious ways to outwit them. Walk through water and they will walk through water. Run past them and they will run faster. In Echo, you are literally your own worst enemy.