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Fire Emblem Heroes RollerCoaster Tycoon Classic Monument Valley 2 Linelight
Best Mobile Game
Mobile gaming doesn’t always have the best reputation, thanks in part to a flood of microtransaction-ridden titles and the innumerable clones out there. However, the mobile sector is still packed with passionate developers producing well thought out, fabulous games to while away our time on long journeys. In this category, we’ve looked at the best of the collective app stores for some truly stand-out titles.
Fire Emblem Heroes
Nintendo’s been doing plenty of experimenting with its franchise on mobiles, but with Fire Emblem Heroes it delivered what is probably its most compulsive yet. The strategy element has been drastically cut down from the traditional Fire Emblem games, yet it works perfectly for bite-sized matches.
Monument Valley 2
Monument Valley 2 had big shoes to fill after the original, but ustwo games still managed to pull through and deliver a sequel every bit as charming and whimsical. Fresh ideas are sprinkled throughout, while Monument Valley 2 remains the same game we know and love.
Beautifully simple and wonderfully relaxing, Linelight is a minimalist puzzle game in which the only aim is to guide a beam of light along a line. Puzzle elements are gently layered in with inventive mechanics involving timing, skill, and tactile pushing and pulling. Linelight’s topped off with a soothing soundtrack that will truly lull you on your next few bus rides into work.
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