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NieR: Automata Prey (2017) ELEX Tacoma
Best Sci-Fi
In space, no one can hear you vote. Don’t let that stop you though, as these games are the latest and greatest in interstellar travel and all things fantastically futuristic. The nominees considered, will push the boundaries of reality, offering us the chance to embrace incredible wonders from the comfort of our own homes. Boldly they explore the dark frontier of space and push our imaginations to the limits. This genre is one of the most difficult to get right, as the creators of the title have to maintain believability, while still wowing us with stuff that could happen but hasn't.
NieR: Automata
PlatinumGames’ magnum opus, Nier Automata is an undoubted sci-fi action masterpiece. From the unlikeliest of beginnings emerges this hyper-stylised, fast-paced action game with bullet hell elements. Featuring one of the most thought-provoking narratives in gaming, Nier Automata is endlessly surprising and with 26 unique endings, there’s plenty to occupy the most ardent gamer or the casual action looking for a quick run through
After achieving stratospheric success with Gone Home, it was nice to see Fullbright stretch its legs with Tacoma, a sci-fi narrative adventure set aboard an abandoned space station. The story is narrated through holographic clips that can be paused and rewound, providing a peek into the life of the crew that once inhabited this space and called it home.
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