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FIFA 18 Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 NBA 2K18 The Golf Club 2
Best Sports
Combining two of the world's leading entertainments, video games and sports, is as genius as it is obvious, but with critical eyes from both sets of fans watching carefully, it means that only the best reach the Best Sports nominees. Digitally recreating the technical subtlety and high impact involved in today’s top sports, these are the titles that bring the world of sport to our living rooms.
NBA 2K18
The controversy surrounding the microtransactions aside, NBA 2K18 plays an absolutely fantastic game of basketball. In the world of shooting hoops, there really is nothing that can touch this simulation. NBA 2K18 is immeasurably deep and skill-based; the sort of game you can comfortably play all year without a hint of boredom.
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The Golf Club 2
With the Tiger Woods / Rory McIlroy series now seemingly a fading memory, it’s been down to HB Studios to fill those sturdy shoes with The Golf Club 2. After slightly shaky beginnings, The Golf Club 2 adds a fully fledged career mode, improved tutorials
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