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Assassins Creed: Origins Middle-earth: Shadow of War Sniper Elite 4 Styx: Shards of Darkness
Best Stealth
Shhhh, people are sleeping. For those of us that know the best way to solve a problem is not brute force, or understand everyone doesn’t have to stop breathing for us to succeed, or even those who just like pretending they’re a sneaky sneaky snake, there are, of course, stealth games. A favourite genre for many, stealth games require as much skill as foreplanning and are not for those who want a game to roll over and play dead. Whether through ingenious AI, awesome abilities or just the sheer amount of choice of options you have at your fingertips, these are our best stealth games of this year.
Very Hot
Sniper Elite 4
If you haven’t played the Sniper Elite series, you’d be forgiven for not realising Sniper Elite 4 isn’t just a run and gun shooter. At heart this is a purely stealth-driven game, one only broken by the crack of a single bullet as it lodges into an unsuspecting testicle.
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