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PlayerUnknowns Battlegrounds ARK: Survival Evolved Fortnite Oxygen Not Included
Best Survival
It might read like an Early Access award but the truth is that the burgeoning survival genre is easily one of the most ambitious out there, and all of the titles recognised here are continuing to expand on an already mind-blowing concept. In an age of handholding and mollycoddling, there’s something formidable about being plonked in the middle of nowhere and left to fend for yourself, gathering supplies and crafting weapons and defences, scratching the Neanderthal itch.
Oxygen Not Included
Stress - The Game, Oxygen Not Included thrives off the player juggling many plates, avoiding death by the skin of their teeth. Oxygen is in short supply, and so is food, resources, bathrooms. You name it, you need it, and fast. A survival sandbox applied to the management genre, Oxygen Not included is a genre-bending spin that continues to impressively evolve.
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