Global Game Awards
Cuphead Horizon: Zero Dawn Star Wars: Battlefront 2 Uncharted: The Lost Legacy
Best Visuals
They have been known to drive grown men to tears by their beauty. Their exquisite attention to detail has brought millions flocking to bask in their brilliance. No, it’s not the Mona Lisa, it’s, of course, the GGA’s Best Visuals Award nominees. These games are on another level when it comes to polygon crunching gorgeousness, delivering some of the finest visual experiences ever dreamed of in video game land.
Uncharted: The Lost Legacy
By now we just think the art department at Naughty Dog is just taking the pee. They are truly unrivalled at environmental detail and Uncharted: The Lost Legacy is practically a sensory overload on a 4K HDR TV. Every crest you peak, every corner you turn, there’s yet another jaw-dropping vista to bathe in.
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