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Resident Evil 7 Star Trek: Bridge Crew Lone Echo and Echo Arena Statik
Best VR Experience
Well, we’ve finally made it, the world of virtual reality is now available for our viewing pleasure (and 2007 thought smartphones were cool). When you have the almost infinite possibilities of being able to put people into whatever world you can imagine there is sure to be some amazing virtual encounters out there. Whether breathtakingly beautiful, full-on frightening, ingeniously innovative or just impressively immersive, we have collected what we think have been the best VR experiences this year.
Lone Echo and Echo Arena
A sort of two-games-in-one package, Lone Echo and its Echo Arena accompaniment are the perfect demonstration of the unique experiences only made possible through VR. Lone Echo is a solitary adventure in the depths of space with impeccable motion controls and a cracking story, while Echo Arena is its multiplayer zero-gravity basketball that builds on the manoeuvrability offered to the player.
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Must-buys are few and far between during the early days of VR, but Statik can stake a claim to be just such a game. Part Portal, part The Room, Statik’s conceit is simple yet wonderfully tactile. Your hands are trapped in a box, holding the PS4 controller. Between moving your own hands and manipulating the innards of the box using the controller, the secrets of the box begin to unfold.
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