Global Game Awards
Nvidia Volta AMD Ryzen 2 Intel Cannonlake AMD Navi
Most Anticipated Hardware
The bits of hardware that keep you up at night are what we’ve reserved for this selection. The tech that make you look wistfully out the window and dream of what could be or smile wryly as you imagine running through field of flowers on hills into the arms of a new API. Will they be as good as we dream? Who knows? … It’s the future.
Intel Cannonlake
It almost seems churlish to be looking forward to Cannonlake when Coffee Lake is already proving hugely impressive, but Intel’s process shrink is certainly something to look forward to. Its first 10nm CPUs should be ready to launch in the first half of 2018, with Intel proud to boast that it’s matching pace with Moore’s Law once again.
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AMD Navi
AMD’s Vega GPUs were all well and good, but they had the whiff of a catch-up rather than the trend-setting achieved by Ryzen. Navi is where we should really begin to see impressive performance gains as AMD switches to the 7nm fabrication process. Unfortunately, details are very thin on the ground, but new graphics cards are always something to look forward to.
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