Global Game Awards
Destiny 2
Destiny 2
  • Best Co-op
  • Best Shooter
  • Best Audio
Best Co-op
Destiny 2
A lot of us play games for the express purpose of relaxing after a long, hard day. Destiny 2 is about as relaxing as a co-op shooter gets. There’s something blissfully chilled about hanging out with a couple of buddies, shooting the breeze while blazing away at the alien menace that threatens the universe.
Best Shooter
Destiny 2
Probably the biggest game of the year, at least in terms of raw unit sales, the pressure was on Bungie to deliver, not just for the millions who loved the original, but also for those who bounced off Destiny and were considering giving it a second chance, as well as an entire new audience of PC gamers. While not exactly fresh, it’s safe to say Bungie took plenty of the criticism onboard for Destiny 2, resulting in the of the slickest, refined, and addictive co-op shooters around. Destiny 2 may lack the depth of the Diablos it so obviously apes but it feels so damn good.
Best Audio
Destiny 2
Marty O’Donnell’s dismissable from Bungie hung heavily over the original Destiny, but even without the legendary composer, Bungie has demonstrated it's still got the chops. Destiny 2 features an epic orchestral score, at once sweeping and grand before twisting into grinding techno for some of the biggest showdowns. It’s an audio tour de force, the sort of game soundtrack which just screams high budget.