Best Adventure
Enter the masters of the winding saga. These titles take the player to far off exotic lands, where they can explore, discover and resolve mysteries, usually involving a rubber chicken. Many titles have an element of this category within them, from platformers to text-only games through to fully fledged open worlds, but only the greatest manage to harness the perfect pace of adventure through a game’s unfolding. The Best Adventure award stands out as one of the most richly awarded game accolades, only going to those titles that truly capture our imagination and hold our hands as we journey across the reaches of possibility.
While it’s still early days for Life is Strange 2, what we’ve seen so far is proving a brilliant follow-up to the original. Taking place in the same universe, and yet focusing on a totally different cast of characters, Life is Strange 2 is far more than a road trip, providing biting social commentary, excellent writing, and believable character interactions.
A very classical adventure game, Unforeseen incidents leans on a gorgeous art style to deliver a smart investigative tale. Can an elaborate trot through some fascinatingly quirky environments in an effort to solve a dark mystery that threatens humankind as we know it.
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Wadget Eye has quietly established itself as one of the finest, most consistent publisher and developer out there for retro-styled adventure games. Unavowed is the studio’s zenith though, a demonic body-swapping tale featuring branching storylines and multiple playable characters. THe puzzles are logically designed and Unavowed’s story is engrossing, lending itself to a wild supernatural ride through New York City.
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