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There can be only one! Which are the guys that you think get you the best rig? Whether through amazing customer support, bargain prices or just the innovation they can cram inside a metallic box, which team will give you the very best machine that you can your hands on? It’s up to you to make the call.
Cyberpower UK
We don’t know how these folks do it, but they offer some of the best pricing going for building PCs. With an easy to understand UI, the option of professional overclocking and much more, these guys are a superb place to get your PC built.
If you want to build your own desktop or laptop from scratch but don’t want to do the actual building, then these guys are the ones to go for. With everything imaginable customizable to whatever degree you want, these guys offer all the excitement of building your own rig from scratch but without the hassle.
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PC Specialist
PC Specialist has become the de facto masters of custom PC building in the UK. Their builds cover a huge variety of specs and demands, from classic gaming rigs to video editing, flight simulator behemoths, and back to basics work laptops.
Based in Germany and operating since 1997, Ankermann has made a name for itself thanks to pushing quality gaming hardware. Fantastic custom building tools mean just about any configuration is available on Ankermann, while long-lasting support is assured thanks to a four-year guarantee on PC builds.
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