Digital Storm Maingear Falcon Northwest XIDAX
Best PC Builder US
Here is our selection of our favourite PC builders from over the pond. Whether through excellent service, incredible prices or just sheer mind-boggling performance, these are the guys we think make the best rigs so you don't have to.
Maingear has established itself as a premium-tier custom PC builder that refuses to cut corners. Based in New Jersey, Maingear offers a trim selection of builds and components to ensure maximum performance efficiency. Maingear is slightly more expensive than its chief competitors, but this is made up for with top-notch build quality and excellent customer service.
Falcon Northwest
Stripping down the options and returning the “Falcon take on a PC range”, these guys give you a selective range of what they know to be the best in an effort to cut down the hours of searching for you.
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International at this point, the folks over at Xidax let you build your rig from the ground up, giving you complete choice at a reasonable price.
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