The Universim
Best Early Access
Early Access is a harsh environment, where games are sent out into the wild, often in extremely early states, ready to be ravaged by the gaming masses. This award celebrates the cream of the crop, the bravest of the brave, those Early Access titles which are showing incredible levels of promise even at this early stage. Not only does Early Access offer developers to the chance to seek additional funding, but it also gives gamers the chance to get in on a project from the ground floor, perhaps even influencing key decisions and shaping the final product.
The Universim
At last, the return of the God Game. Peter Molyneux did his best to drive a nail into the genre’s coffin following the heady heights of Black & White, but The Universim attempts to pick up the pieces. A definite work-in-progress but showing immense potential, in The Universim you can become God, overseeing entire planets and guiding a civilization through the ages.
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