Super Mario Party Kirby Star Allies
Best Family Game
A game doesn't have to be for adults only or layered with blood and gore to make for a truly spectacular experience. Many times in our gaming lives we will be stunned by the beauty and wonder that can fascinate even the smallest child.

This award looks for those titles that can stretch across all ages offering something for even the youngest gamer to enjoy. The category particularly focuses on titles that are playable by children aged 6-12. But parental discretion is always advised even in the games that we select as our nominees.

Kirby Star Allies
The lovable pink puffball has always been a firm family favourite but Kirby Star Allies take this to its next logical step - four-player co-op support. A forgiving difficulty level yet engaging design means Kirby Star Allies can provide entertainment for all ages, while there are plenty of systems to lend your compadres a helping hand.
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Very Hot
While not a game necessarily laser-target at children, Donut County’s pick-up-and-play simplicity and comedic charm make it a perfect family game for passing the controller around. At its core, Donut County is a physics-based puzzler in which you play as an ever-growing hole, swallowing up larger objects as a chaotic raccoon.