Corsair Crystal 280X RGB Fractal Design Define R6 Phanteks Evolv X In Win 305
Best Gamers Case
The place our beloved computer components call home.This award goes to the case that rock our senses with how they look or tantalise our minds with ingenious design approaches. The case might be the pinnacle of sci-fi styling or understatedly simple; it could be large enough to house a fleet of components or tiny and discreet. Whatever its design it will fill its case requirements to perfection.
Fractal Design Define R6
Simple, utilitarian perhaps, the Fractal Design Define R6 is quite possibly best gaming case Fractal Design has brought to market yet. The outer of the chassis will be a familiar story for Fractal Design fans, but the Define R6 is incredibly solid, almost totally silent, and resilient enough that it could be your PC gaming case for years to come.
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Phanteks Evolv X
The Phanteks Enthoo Evolv X is a mid-tower form factor PC with the means to cater to just about any use case. Gamers will love the cooling airflow and minimalist designed of the Evolve X, while the tempered glass paneling provides an excellent way to show off your hardware.
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In Win 305
For those who want premium quality without an absolutely bank-busting price tag, the In Win 305 midi-tower gaming case looks sophisticated and stylish with its brushed aluminium styling, glossy front, and tempered glass side. Inside this spacious case, there are is room for full ATX motherboards, up to four storage drives, and water-cooling.
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