Logitech G513 Carbon Razer Huntsman Elite Corsair K63 Wireless ROCCAT Vulcan 100
Best Gaming Keyboard
A key piece of kit for any gamer worth their salt and oh so important to your gaming performance, a good keyboard is an essential part of anyone’s PC inventory. The Best gaming keyboard award will go to the keyboard that has made the furthest strides in usability, innovation and flexibility, while keeping its products cost effective and accessible to the masses.
Logitech G513 Carbon
Logitech’s G513 Carbon is a high-performance brushed alloy gaming keyboard with Romer G mechanical keys, RGB backlighting, a large palm rest for those longer gaming sessions, and featuring a USB pass-through for plugging in headsets and other devices. For the fat-fingered, the G513 Carbon’s gaming mode also allows any keys to be disabled on a per-game basis, preventing any awkward klutzy moments.
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Corsair K63 Wireless
As PC gaming shifts to the living room, wireless keyboards are becoming far more vital additions to our gaming suite. The Corsair K63 Wireless manages to stay affordable while retaining some top spec, offering full mechanical switches and backlighting in a wireless keyboard. There really aren’t a lot of gaming options out there for wireless keyboards, but Corsair has built one that’s great looking, tactile, and affordable.
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ROCCAT Vulcan 100
The ROCCAT Vulcan 100 is an illuminated mechanical keyboard that is the first to use ROCCAT’s own Titan Switches, developed in-house. This provides fast and responsive keystrokes. While the ROCCAT Vulcan 100 looks potentially vulnerable due to its skeletal design, it’s backed up by a toughened metal plate that helps to deliver one of the most unique looking gaming keyboards released in 2018.
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