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Best Handheld Gaming Phone
Every year we get a wider selection of phones to choose from and every year we tell you what we think’s hot and what's not. From gaming capabilities to just plain awesome features, big screens to being able to drop your phone in a pond, we cover it all here at Games Debate, so we can give you the best selection of 2016.
iPhone XS
By now, Apple has got its iPhone designs whittled down to near-perfection. Expensive perfection, sure, but the iPhone XS offers a considerable performance upgrade, a Smart HDR camera, a lighting-fast Os, and of course access to the oodles of App Store exclusive games you can only play on iPhone. For mobile-centric gamers, iPhone is still the place to be.
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Google Pixel 3
Hands-down the best camera phone yet, the Google Pixel 3 takes an already fantastic camera and makes it even better. The phone itself isn’t too shabby either, offering an eye-catching 5.5’ OLED display, a pair of powerful front-facing speakers, and a smaller design that moves away from the phablet trend.
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