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Real gamers do not overlook the impact a brilliant gaming audio experience will offer to their games. Cowering behind a crumbling rocky wall as bullets whizz overhead, fragments of exploded rock crashing down around you, the ping as your comrades’ clips empty or the roar of your car’s engine as you rev on the start line, the screech of rubber as it burns when you tear away, the hurtling crush of metal on metal as you come to blows on the first bend, it makes our ears tremble at just the thought. Gaming headsets take the best games in the world, and they make them even better, drawing you in with astonishing 3D sound that helps you feel the full force of your gaming experience. These are the headsets that have brought gaming alive this year.
SteelSeries Arctis Pro
SteelSeries gaming headsets have always oozed premium quality and the Arctis Pro is no different. The Arctis Pro steers well away from the usual gaming aesthetic, delivering a classy look paired with absolutely fantastic audio quality. This sort of quality comes at a price, $250 to be precise, but for your money, you get a headset that ranks as one of the top pairs of gaming headphones on the market.
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Corsair HS70 Wireless
A comparative bargain in the world of gaming headsets, Corsair’s HS70 Wireless gaming headset offers exception sound quality, fantastic comfort and up to 16 hours of battery life, all for under $100. Corsair touts a 40ft range for the wireless connection, making it the perfect fit for those looking to do some gaming on the couch.
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