Best Indie
With the Best Indie award we celebrate some of the most creative and forward-thinking talent around, embracing new mechanics, while revitalising the old. These are games developed with a fraction of the budget of the AAA monsters, but are no less enjoyable for it. The indie devs behind them craft personable, unique games that showcase some of the greatest underground talent in the world today. Indie devs often work their magic under considerable pressure, sometimes holding down full-time jobs while ploughing any of their precious time into their own projects. The best of those projects are given pride of place in our Best Indie Award category.
Dead Cells is fast-paced, slick, action-packed and pitched just right in terms of difficulty. This is paired with a ridiculously addictive upgrade loop and drool-worthy animations, combining to deliver a roguelike which can stand tall alongside greats like Spelunky.
The root cause of more arguments and burnt burgers than we’d care to admit, Overcooked 2 is that same chaotic cooking action, this time amped up from the get-go with fiendishly difficult level designs that ratchet the cooking intensity to previously unseen levels.
Oh Shinobi, how we’ve missed you. Only, The Messenger isn’t Shinobi but a love letter to games of the 8 and 16-bit era, sprinkled with a few mind-blowing twists along the way. 2D action-platformers are everywhere you look these days but The Messenger sets itself apart with its sprawling campaign, tight levels, and an awesome pivot into Metroidvania at the halfway point.
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Indie games are the places where experimental ideas can flourish. They can attempt innovations that no AAA publisher would dare risk. Minit is just such a game, a top-down Zelda-like wherein the player dies every 60 seconds and heads back to the start. Some items gathered and upgrades are retained though, and it becomes an addictive task of learning the map and trying to get as much done within a minute as humanly possible.
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