Best Management
We want more and more control within our games and the Best Management title is the accolade that salutes those games that provide us with an incredible management experience. We are looking for a business simulator or empire manager, where we are able to tweak and pull every button and option that someone in that role might face in real life. Then we sit back and watch our efforts take shape. Replicating a living model in this way is a huge undertaking from the developer and only the best Management Sims find their way into this category. Offering hundreds of hours of game time, building empires and working business strategies within a fully defined game environment is what we looked for and what we get with these fantastic nominees.
Railway Empire taps into the exact same joys as the classic Railroad Tycoon series, whether that’s laying down tracks and tinkering with businesses, or creating a well-oiled network of trains zooming passengers and cargo about. Railway Empire is a like a little toy set come to life, trains buzzing to and fro with you, as god, maniacally pulling the strings from above.
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