ASUS PG27UQ 27-Inch ROG Swift 4K HDR LG 29WK500 29-Inch BenQ EL2870U AOC G2590PX 24.5-inch
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The range of monitors nowadays is incomprehensibly big, with everyone and their grans making one. Here we are looking at what pushes the tech boundary in visual output, be it screen width, pixel definition, contrast, dots per inch, curved screens, wide screens, adaptable screens and so on. Gaming evolves rapidly and so do the monitors on which we view their gloriousness on. And as always, having a fantastic refresh rate is all well and good, but will my 64-inch 4k screen break my bank account? All is taken into account.
LG 29WK500 29-Inch
If you haven’t joined the ultra-wide revolution yet, what are you waiting for? LG’s 29WK500 29-Inch is an excellent budget alternative for those looking to dabble with wider fields of view. The modest 2560 x 1080 screen resolution means the LG 29WK500 29-Inch can be powered even by mid-range graphics cards, while the AMD FreeSync support makes this monitor deal for those with AMD Radeon GPUs.
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BenQ EL2870U
Do you love your eyes? Then show them how you feel by wrapping said eyes around BenQ’s EL2870U, a 4K monitor with HDR and FreeSync support. The super-fast 1ms response time makes the BenQ EL2870U feel incredibly responsive for a 4K monitor, eliminating lag and motion blur.
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