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Let loose the dogs of war! These are the best games that let you go head to head or fight side by side in multiplayer arenas. Whether it's spewing forth hot lead at one another or wishing this car had a seventh gear, these are the ones that got your adrenaline pumping and unleashed your competitive urges. Regardless of when they launched, these are the games that have been swallowing up your time like nobody’s business, as you desperately try to inch up that scoreboard.>

What’s better than than emerging from a vault and into the free world? Doing it with a gang of mates of course. Fallout 76 takes the well-worn 3D Fallout template but gives it a new lease of life thanks to online multiplayer and survival elements. Fallout 76 has split fans of the franchise down the middle, but for those whom it clicks, Fallout 76 is a survival experience like no other.
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